6 Weeks of Stress Relief

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What the heck is it?

This is a boxing program that mixes in lifting and conditioning to bring you the best results.

How long is it?

This program itself is 30-40 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for 6 weeks.

However, the accountability group is 365.. so when you buy access to the program you get access to the group forever. So if you want to do this program again, you can. Or you can pick a different program after completing this one.

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What's included in the starter pack?

Lots of goods.

1 year access to every fitness program available. 60+ programs.

Nutrition guide.

1:1 Coaching.

VIP access to this program. (10 Rounds).

Access to my VIP accountability group.

3 Resistance bands.

Your choice between a daily superfood shake (30 servings) or our Pre workout (40 servings) and Post workout (20 servings) supplements.

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When can I access this program?

April 6th launches access for anyone who wants to purchase VIP access. 

If you want to sign up with a coach discount you can access it now.

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