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With Christmas coming up I was trying to figure out a budget friendly gift for some girl friends, my brothers' girlfriends, and my boyfriend's sisters. I started my search on Pinterest and came across the idea of a coconut oil body scrub. Of course these days everything is about coconut oil. My mom and I had always made our own body scrub with olive oil, so I decided I would try out the coconut oil route and make some cute gifts for all the special women in my life.

My mom also introduced me to the 8oz mason jar. I love these cute little jars. I use one for my paint thinner when I am oil painting. As you all know, there are many things you can use mason jars for. I figured an 8oz jar would be the perfect size and shape for body scrub.

You can purchase mason jars at many different stores. I happened to buy mine at Target at the time because they were having a sale. No specific brand or anything.

The recipe for body scrub is fairly simple. It is generally a 2:1 ratio of salt to oil. If you like your scrubs more dry then use more salt; if you like them wet you less salt. Its really preferential. I started my scrub with 2 cups salt, and 1 cup coconut oil.

The coconut oil I used was organic virgin coconut oil. I used a spoon to scoop it into a measuring cup. Then I melted it in the microwave, using spurts of 20-30 seconds at a time. While the oil was melting, I measured my salt and put it in a tupperware bowl. When I originally began this venture I was using the ratio of 2:1 and that holds true, however it was easier to just use two 26oz containers of fine iodized salt with one jar of 14 oz jar of coconut oil. If you plan on making an ample amount of the body scrub as I did, you can just melt the coconut oil in the jar it comes in, which saves you on some dish washing time.

I mixed the two ingredients together with a spoon until it was evenly mixed. Then I spooned the mixture into 8 of the mason jars. This made enough body scrub to fill the jars about 3/4 full.

This is a simple recipe with many variations. So I challenge you to get creative by adding essentials oils and fragrances. Let me know how it turns out :)

What you need to know:

As I have done on many blogs before, I scroll through the post in order to find the need to know information about what I am looking for, so for all of you who are also guilty of this here's the summary of the article:


Cocount oil

course or fine salt

a container to put the scrub in

What to do:

melt the oil in the microwave in spurts of 20-30 secs

mix oil with salt in a ratio of 2:1

put it in the container

Since I am giving these body scrubs as gifts I decided to decorate the jars a little. I found packs of embossed scrapbook paper in the dollar section at Target.

I traced the metal top of the jars on the back side of the paper, and then cut out the circles. I then placed them underneath the twist on part of the jar, but above the metal top.

I did this with 6 of the 8 jars I made. With the other two jars I simply placed a gift bow on the top of the jars. This is really a great way to give gifts for a budget friendly price.

Enjoy :)

I originally wrote this article about the coconut oil body scrub recipe, right after I had successfully made my first batch. I was so excited that I wanted to give it to multiple people, so I went out and bought a bigger jar of coconut oil, and more salt, along with more mason jars. I whipped another batch using a slightly different coconut oil. Instead of using the organic virgin unrefined coconut oil, this time I went for the organic naturally refined coconut oil. For one thing, there was more of it in a jar for a lesser price. I didn't find very much of a difference in using the two coconut oils. Really the only difference was the first oil stayed a rich white color, while the second oil had an off white color to it. This did not bother me at all. One difference in the two batches however, is that I used significantly less oil for the second batch. However, there was one thing that the Pinterest recipe did not mention..

A couple days after making both batches of the coconut oil body scrub and putting it in all the containers and putting bows on and placing them in gift bags, I thought to myself that I should probably check to see if the mixture was still as good as when I first put it in the jars... thank goodness for my gut feelings because both mixtures had hardened. The oil had re-solidified. The first batch that I had used more coconut in, the extra oil made the mixture really hard, while the second batch was better, and still sort of like a body scrub, neither of them were something I wanted to hand out to friends and be proud of that I made.

So I decided that maybe if I just broke up the mixtures they would be salvageable. This was a good choice. I got myself a spoon and began to scrape the coconut oil mixture out of the containers. To my surprise this actually worked well. I created a more scrub like consistency, something usable! It is a little more fluffy that the original mixture which is not a bad thing at all!

So here is the real need to know for this recipe:


Cocount oil

course or fine salt

a container to put the scrub in

metal spoon

What to do:

melt the oil in the microwave in spurts of 20-30 secs

mix oil with salt in a ratio of 1.5:1

put all the mixture into one container

let set for a day

scrape the mixture out into another container

fill jars


give to people you love :)

At the beginning of this article I warned you to read the whole thing.. this is why. I started on this adventure thinking it would be easy, Bing, Bang, Boom, done. not so much. This is definitely a lesson that everything doesn't go as planned, even something that seems so simple. So I hope you enjoy this body scrub as much as I do. If you have an questions or comments feel free to send the to me! :)

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