Ghostbuster Characters

I made these characters for boyfriend's nephew's birthday party. My boyfriend's sister asked me if I could make these because she could not find Ghostbuster characters for her son's birthday party anywhere. I personally have never seen Ghostbusters, so I had to look up these three main characters in order to make them. Here are the pictures that I used for reference:

I found these pictures just by going to Google, and typing in each character; Slimer, Ghostbuster ghost, and Marshmallow Man. I then sent multiple pictures to my sister-in-law (no we aren't married, but at this point "sister-in-law" is the easiest way to describe her :)) and she told me which ones she liked best. She didn't want any of the characters to look scary, and I said I would do my best to make them "kid friendly."

So when I got started with this I used regular white poster board as my base. In total I used 9 pieces of poster board, I probably could have used 8, but the tip of the ghost's head didn't fit nicely on one board, so i used another at the tip. If you really only wanted to use 8 pieces, you could use a scrap piece from when you cut-out the other characters, but I did the ghost first so I didn't think of this solution until the end. As to not waste a whole piece of poster board I used the extra piece from the ghost as my tester for paint colors, etc.

Here is my list of supplies:

9 pieces of white poster board

3 shades of green paint

Crayola colored pencils

2 shades of red paint

1 shade of blue paint

1 black fine tip Sharpie

1 3/4" paint brush

1 pencil

1 exacto knife (you could also use a box cutter if that's easier)

1 fabric cutting board (for when you use the knife)

1 pair of scissors

1 18" ruler

I sketched out the different characters and then painted them according to pictures that I found.

When I started this project I wasn't sure how the characters were going to turn out but they turned out really well. I truly surprised myself! I understand that this DIY takes a little bit of artistic skill, however there are ways around being artistic. Using tools such as a projector to trace the characters can be helpful. My advice is to just have fun with it!

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