One of the Simplest DIYs!

When it comes to DIYs this one is one of the easiest. I wanted to add a little something to my work space that was cute, unique, and kind of tied things together.

I went on a hunt to Target and found in their craft section, wood letters. So I bought an "M". ("Would you like to buy a vowel??").

I already have a lot of acrylic paint colors at home, so I didn't bother buying any more. I laid down some magazine pages to keep my table clean. I choose to use gold and baby pink. I painted the edges first in gold. And then painted the front and back faces with the baby pink. It is not necessary to paint the back face, however I did because my letter is standing.

Side note: These letters do have precut holes in the back for hanging them. I am a firm believing in command strips so I wont necessarily use the holes. But I do like that they are precut for you.

Here is the finished product!

I hope you guys try out this cute but simple DIY to add a little something extra to your work space, home office, kid's bedroom, or any other room. I would love to see what y'all have made with this. You can send me your pics via my contact page. Also if you have any comments, questions, or suggestion please feel free to also send them via the contacts a page. Enjoy :)

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