Why I started blogging.

I get a lot of questions of why I started this blog. I have always really enjoyed photography and writing on the computer. There is just something about typing on the computer that really intrigued me. The sound of the keys clicking the view of the words appearing on the screen, it's almost like a high like nothing else. I get this same feeling with photography. I mean to be honest why else do people do things that they enjoy doing?? They enjoy them because they get a certain type of thrill or high from them. I have been the type of person to get high on life. Photography has always been a way for me to relax and relieve stress and anxiety. It has always given me a creative outlet. There is something about looking at a beautiful photo that gives me that same kind of high. Typing on the computer was usually saved for writing papers and such in school, which even those gave me the same excitement. Creating something amazing, and spinning words together on the page, I love it. However, when I found out about blogging, I always wanted to do it. When I bought my lap top after high school I downloaded applications that I could write down my thoughts as if I was blogging, I just never took the time to actually create a blog. Blogging has always been a great relief for oh so may reasons. Before my blogging, I would write in a journal, but my hand would always get cramped. I just had so many things to say. Sometimes even at work my mind will get on a roll and I will just have to get m thoughts out, so when I have a moment I will quickly type up an email and send it to myself. I actually am hoping to one day write a book about my experiences in life.

Now that I have started this blog I can combine photography and writing and share it with the world. It is absolutely exciting for me and I really do hope all that read this enjoy it and maybe it will even help some of you find positive ways to handle your stress and anxiety.

Is there any positive ways that y'all express yourselves?


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