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Spring is in the air and JoAnn Fabric's has there Spring and Easter decor on sale. I love shopping at JoAnn's especially because they always have things on sale. I recently found their clearance section in the back corner of the store and have gotten some great finds there. I really enjoy home decor shopping. So I really can not wait until we get our house so that I can decorate it.

I really love having candles around the house. Generally I only buy warm scents, involving vanilla fragrance. However, lately I have been intrigued by fresher scents. This Spring Fern candle really caught my nose. It's so fresh and didn't smell overwhelming at all. Plus it came in a beautiful candle jar. If you have seen some of my YouTube Videos you know that I don't like overwhelming scents. Candles are the one thing that I really enjoy the scent of. But again a lot of the

I'm very excited to burn this candle in my studio to freshen up our home and hopefully bring some spring into the house.

I also did buy a vanilla scented candle. Sometimes candles that jut smell like vanilla aren't the best scent because they have such a fake scent, however this candle is not like that. Otherwise I would not have bought it. it has a very clean vanilla scent to it and I hope it smells just like that when I burn it,

Vanilla is my favorite scent for a candle. This candle was also available in the candle jar as the Spring Fern, but in white. However, I liked the birds and flowers on the top of this candle. And I really just wanted to green candle jar, not the white one. When this candle burns all the way down, I can use it for storing something.

I also purchased a third candle just for decoration. It is unscented but beautifully designed.

I also bought a stationary item. This little notebook contains weekday to-do lists and post it notes inside. It also has an envelope attached to it to put whatever in. I love this notebook. It is something I have been looking for for a while now.

These next few items, I purchased in the clearance section. These fabric hair bands are one of my favorites. They don't leave a bump in your hair and they look super cute. This is first time I have seen the lacy hair bands however, and I really love them how they look.

This is actually a locket that you would engrave yourself. However, I bought this in order to clip it on a zipper of one of my purses.

Last but not least...These hair pins I absolutely adore. I don't generally buy gold items, but I just could not resistt these adorable hair pins.

I love showing you guys the things that I purchase. I just wanted to say a disclaimer. When I share these things with you I am not bragging, I am simple sharing with you these things because I am very excited about them and I want to give y'all as much info that is out there to find great deals and great purchases, that you will really enjoy. I hope you enjoy these hauls as much as I do. Have a wonderful weekend y'all.

xoxo MacKenzie

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