Coloring Eggs with Shaving Cream | DIY featuring Jessica

Today we did an Easter Craft, I saw this egg coloring post on Facebook and decided to try it! . So we decided to try it out. There are two ways you can do it. You can use shaving cream or cool whip. We chose to use shaving cream... However after coloring the eggs we read that you really shouldn't eat the eggs if you use shaving cream in this project.

The summary of how to do this..

1. place shaving cream or cool whip evenly in a pan or we used tin pie dishes for easy clean up.

2. place food coloring generously around the shaving cream

3. use a straw to swirl the coloring around

4. place hard boiled eggs in the shaving cream and flip them over so the whole egg is covered

5. remove eggs and let sit for about 10 mins

6. rinse eggs in cool water

Unfortunately for Jessica and I, this DIY did not turn out as planned. We thought we had followed the instructions correctly, but somewhere along the way something went wrong. When we rinsed our eggs the color did not stick to them at all. About 2 out of 18 eggs were colored, but only the pink and purple dye actually stayed on these eggs. So we decided to "Edit" our eggs by dripping dye directly onto them. So our result pictures show what the eggs looked like after we dripped the dye on them.

If any of you know what we did wrong, please feel free to contact me and let us know how to do better next time.

The following picture shows the results of how the eggs are expected to turn out (left) and how our eggs turned out after we "edited" them (right).

You can watch us do this via video clicking on the following photo.

Try this out and let us know what you think!

Happy Easter!!

xoxo MacKenzie & Jessica

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