Easy Way to Brighten a Room

As the weather is starting to get warmer (these past two days anyways) I always start to feel more productive. It's easy in the winter to sit around and not be productive. However, as the weather gets nicer, I start to wake up earlier and everything feels brighter and happier. One way to help brighten up a room to match your mood is a bright bouquet of flowers. I currently do not have the accommodations to grow my own flowers, but if you do this is one way to really get the most out of your flowers. The only thing about this tip as that you have to enjoy the beauty of flowers. If you don't like flowers then this is obviously not a post for you.

I took a trip to Trader Joe's and bought myself 3 bouquets of different flowers. It's amazing how flowers can change the mood of a room. Below are some pictures of the flowers I picked up today. I am no flower expert, so I cannot describe or name each flower that came in the bunches, but I sure am working on it. If you do know the name of any of these flowers I would love to know.

Gardener in the making over here! xoxo MacKenzie

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