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I absolutely love flowers and greenery. It has always been a dream of mine to have a garden of my own and beautiful flowers all around the yard as we did when we were growing up. However, at this moment I don't have the accommodations to have my own garden, so I will have to have a little imagination and add some greenery where I can. Today, I began my green thumb education and decided to plant some flowers in small pots inside to start and see if I could get some flowers to grow.

So I started out with some cheap plastic pots from Target, a bag of Miracle Grow Potting Mix, and 3 packets of seeds.

I chose my seeds based on what months of the year they grow for the region I live in (WNY). Cosmos, Shasta Daisies, and Impatiens seemed to be the best choice.

I colored coded the flowers in the pots so that I could remember which flowers were where since each type of flower requires a different type of management.

So I set our my pots and filled them 3/4 with soil and lightly patted it down. Then I placed the seeds in their coordinating pots and covered them with a light layer of soil. Then each pot received a light splash of water.

The Impatiens like Pt Shade & Shade (<6 hrs of sun). I planted these in the blue pots and put them in an area in the house that gets sunlight but not a ton of sunlight. The Impatiens are supposed to bloom from April to June.

The Cosmos are sun loving flowers like myself, they like to be a sunshine filled place (6+ hours of sun). I put these in the window that gets a lot of sun throughout the day. I had some extra seeds for the Cosmos so I planted them in a couple clay pots that I had lying around from last year. Originally, the day I planted my flowers I had the Cosmos outside in the sun, but the weather app predicted a downpour and I didn't want my seeds to get washed away, so I moved them inside. Cosmos are supposed to bloom from May to June.

Thirdly, I planted the Shasta Daisies in the black pots. These flowers like full sun and pt shade (4+ hrs of sun). They have a cozy home on the same windowsill as the Cosmos. I placed a plate under the threesomes of pots so that any excess water wouldn't leave water stains on the wooden windowsills. The Daisies are supposed to bloom from April to October.

For watering my baby plants, I have been lightly spraying each pot with a mist bottle daily (It is also a great stress reliever).

Every week I will keep y'all updating on how my flowers are doing with the method I am doing. Hopefully in a few weeks we will have some flowers starting to bloom. If you have any tips on my greenhouse skills please I would love some tips on how to do this better. Feel free to contact me here, DM me on any of my social media sites, or leave on comment.

I am also planning to plants some herbs. Have any tips for me on planting herbs??

xoxo MacKenzie


I have a sprout! Just over a week, one of the cosmos popped up in a sprout.


We are two weeks in to growing my flowers and we have sprouts in every pot except for the clay ones (Cosmos). The Cosmos in the green pots have really gotten tall. And we have little baby Daisies and Impatiens. :) I am so excited that my flowers are actually growing. Yay!


All of my flowers are making good progress except, there is still nothing in either of the clay pots. Along with one of the pots that I planted daisies in (the black pots). Anyone have an idea why the flowers just aren't growing in the clay pots? Let me know! Originally I had planted full grown flowers in these pots last year, and they quickly died as well.. so I probably wont be using these pots next year since I haven't had any good luck with them.

Daisies -

Cosmos -

Impatiens -

Week 6... All the flowers are dead.. :( next year we'll have to try something different.

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