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As the time of year comes for shorts and tank tops, it's time for my pale self to start the self tanning routine. I have always dabbled in the use of self tanning lotions. I have not been brave enough to use any self tanning creams or oils and sprays. My go to self tanning lotion is Jergens. I have always had great results with this product. For the beginning of the spring/summer I use the fair to tan, and then my the end of summer I am usually able to use the medium to tan.

One thing to remember with self tanning is to be careful in the shade you choose. If you choose a shade too dark, that is how you become a carrot. In the past I have thought "hmm, medium to tan? that means I'll be tan even faster.." Then i come out with orange ankles, wrists, elbows, and knees. So this year I am definitely going to do it right. Here's the routine.

I always start my tanning routine after getting out of the shower, where I have just shaved. I always apply the daily moisturizer right after the shower. So I will use the tanning lotion for 3-4 days after shaving, then take 3 days off. The directions say to use the moisturizer every day until you achieve the color you desire and then use it every 3rd day to maintain the color. After a week of uses my pale blinding white skin already doesn't require sunglasses to look at. (I actually received a compliment the other day that I look tan!) I generally just follow the directions on the bottle and I get great results. I use the fair to medium in the beginning of the spring/summer, and then later in the summer when I have a decent tan, I will use the medium to tan lotion, but less often than the directions say. As I said before I am not very tan so using the medium to tan lotion too often can still make me look orange.

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