First Time Planting Herbs!

I have always wanted to plant herbs and now I have finally done it! I made a video on Youtube so you can all see how exactly I did it. As I have said before I am not exactly a professional gardener (if that's even the correct terminology.. haha). You can check out the video below. As I am doing with my flowers that I planted, I will be doing weekly updates of my herbs and how they are doing/growing (hopefully.. fingers crossed).

The updates will be here.

Right now they are just little baby seeds..


We have sprouts! Yay!

The basil has the most green showing.

We also have a couple small chives growing. Not sure which kind they are.. I really should have labelled my pots.. oh well :)

We also have some either thyme or parsley. Again I should have labelled my pots.. Next time.

Nothing yet in the peppermint or the other pot which is either thyme or parsley.

We have some sprouts in the cilantro/oregano pot, but they are right in the middle, so again not sure what is growing.. however, I'm thinking it's cilantro.

You have to look close, they are really little and hidden.


Holy cows are we growing! Lance and I are putting in raised gardens in the back yard, so I may be transplanting these herbs soon.

Unfotunately we still do not have any peppermint growing.. not sure why this is, if you have any idea please let me know! I would truly appreciate it.

I am starting to think that this pot is containing the Thyme, just by the looks of how it is growing so far. But I could be wrong, we will have to wait and see. :)

I have a feeling that this is the parsley, again just by the looks of the plant. It is doing well. The rain this past weekend has really helped these plants.. My flowers that I put outside, not as much.

The chives are doing well too. They have actually have stayed on separate sides of the pot.

The basil is doing extremely well also. For some reason it's a little slower on the one side but thats okay! There are a lot of seeds in a small space.

This one has truly just exploded! This is the pot with the cilantro/oregano mix. Still not sure which is which, if you can tell let me know :)

We should just have a guessing game for which herbs are which... hmm thoughts for the future :) I'm thinking the healthy rain and the sunshine are really helping my herbs :) I can't wait to build these raised gardens with Lance so we can have vegetables too!


This week we transplanted the herbs into the raised gardens with the vegetables. The only one that wasn't transplanted was the peppermint bc it just started to sprout.

This is what the peppermint looks like.

Here is the basil before we put it in the garden.

So we broke up the whole pot and planted a row of basil in the garden. In a week or so it should perk back up and reestablish itself in the garden.

We also put some of the basil in a large pot in order for it to establish itself and then by winter we can bring it inside to have fresh herbs year round. Also in the large pot we planted some of the oregano and cilantro.

The cilantro is doing extremely well. It actually is ready to pick some of it. In the same pot is the oregano which has been greatly over run by the cilantro. You can barely even see it. Thankfully it will have its only place in the garden.

In the garden..

Next up is the parsley.. It was really taking off int he pot, so I'm hoping it does even better in the garden.

In the garden..

Thyme was doing well also.

In the garden...

And last but not least is the chives.

In the garden..

Now that all of my herbs are in the raised gardens they should have plenty of space to grow and become large enough to harvest. :) I will continue to keep you all updated. What is your favorite way to use each of these herbs?

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