Raised gardens = Salads & Salsa

Yesterday we planted all the essentials to make salsa and salad.. Two of my favorite things to eat. If you have been following my blog for the past couple weeks you will know that I transplanted my herbs to the garden as well with planting these vegetables. Unfortunately since we didn't get the gardens built until Memorial Day week, (End of May) we couldn't only plant seeds, we had to buy some plants as well. Here is the run down of what we planted. Besides the herbs that we transplanted which you can keep an eye on HERE, we planted some plants. The plants we chose are jalapeno, sweet bell peppers in 1 red, 2 orange, and 2 yellow, 1 large tomato plant, 3 red cherry tomato plants, 1 cherry yellow tomato plant, 4 lettuce, 1 mixed greens, and a 1 cucumber plant. For seeds we planted sweet corn, rainbow carrots, spinach, green beans, and peas. We had some left over seeds from the corn, peas, and green beans, so I took the packets and placed them in an air tight container to save for next spring. We also planted 2 kale plants in a large pot because we didn't have the room in the gardens after planting everything. You can see the pictures of our gardens below :)

When it came to planting the corn, peas, and green beans, we placed the seeds on the dirt and just poked them down about 2-3 inches. When planting the spinach and carrots however, we sprinkled the seeds in a row on the dirt and covered them with some Miracle Grow soil.

After planting everything I used a hose with a shower setting and literally soaked all of the plants. I tested the soils saturation by poking my finger about 3 inches down. it was still pretty dry as it hadn't rained since we filled the gardens with soil. So when Lance got home we set up the sprinkler in the middle of the beds so it would water all of the plants at once. Left the sprinkler on for about 45 mins. Since our gardens are pretty deep, there is a lot of place for the water to go.

I will be keeping y'all updated on how our gardens are moving along. Same as my other planting posts, I will add the updates to the bottom of this post. I am so excited to have everything planted. Can't wait to start making some delicious food. I will also share any recipes with you that I use my vegetables in :)



Sweet Bell Peppers


Lettuce Mix





We have officially started harvesting some of our garden. We made a huge salad from two of the mixed green lettuce and about half of the spinach. The great part about these to vegetables is that they will continue to produce even though we have harvested them once. The pepper have officially produced flowers. The tomatoes have flowers and baby tomatoes. The cucumber plant is producing flowers now as well. Everything is really coming along. It is also time to start drying herbs, so keep an eye out for that blog post to come soon!

Check out some pictures of our garden!

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