Pumpkin Spice Week

When it comes to Autumn, one of my favorite things is pumpkin. There is something about the bright orange vegetable that really gets me excited. There are so many things that involve pumpkins, and also so many ways that you can use them to make healthy recipes. One of the great things about pumpkins is all of the health benefits you receive from eating them.

I've read that there are many ways to cook these orange beasts. I'm very excited to share them with you. Starting today, October 15th. I am running a group of Facebook called Pumpkin Spice Week. I will be teaching all about the health benefits of pumpkin, and also sharing recipes to show how easy it is to exchange ingredients in every day recipes in order to make them a little bit healthier. If you want to be a part of it, you can add me on Facebook, and let me know that you want to be added. It's that easy!

Stay tuned for all of the pumpkin you can handle.


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