Pumpkin Grilled Cheese

Okay! This one might be a little strang to you guys, but I promise it is delicious!

Pumpkin Apple Grilled Cheese/Panini

I don't have a panini press so for me this is a grilled cheese, but it really would be even better as a panini!

Ingredients: 2 slices whole grain or whole wheat bread pumpkin butter or pumpkin puree about half an apple sliced thinly handful of spinach couple slices of your favorite cheese, I used pepperjack

butter or ghee

Steps: Frying pan over medium heat Thinly butter one side of each piece of bread Place one slice butter side down on the hot pan Place cheese, then apples, then spinach on slice of bread in pan. Spread pumpkin butter or puree on 2nd slice of bread on the opposite side as the butter and place pumpkin side down on top of the other half in pan. Flip when first side is toasted or cheese is melted, depending on your cheese, you may have to lower the heat a little so the cheese melts before the bread is too toasted. Toast second side of sandwich.

Remove from heat and enjoy!

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