Picking out the Tree

One of my favorite parts of the Holidays is picking out the Christmas tree. Growing up, every year we would go pick out a christmas tree from a forest of trees and my dad or older brothers would cut it down. Then we would all take turns dragging it back to the car. When we got home my dad would trim it just right and put it in the tree stand. Then we would work on wrapping the lights around it. Back then we would only put the lights on and then when Santa came on Christmas Eve, he would decorate it, and we would come down the stairs on Christmas morning to a beautifully decorated tree.

As we grow older we start new traditions. I believe that is part of the fun of growing up. The past couple years Lance and I have gone with his mother to pick out a tree. It is a little bit different than cutting it down ourselves, but maybe in the years to come we will be able to do that again. This year there is what we are calling a shortage of trees. 10 years ago the economy was not so hot and so not as many trees were planted which in turn creates a shortage now. When we went to the market to pick out our tree it seemed far from a shortage. They had just received a shipment of about 1000 trees. It did not look like a shortage in the green house.

Picking out a live tree always sparks my thinking of how terrible it is to chop down all of these trees in order for us to use as decoration for a month or two and then to throw them out. That saddens me, but I also think of how nothing beats the feeling of going to pick out the christmas tree. Surrounded by hundreds of trees, the smell of the sap brings back such amazing nostalgia.

The magical feeling that comes with decorating the tree is nothing that can be replaced. Maybe when we get a house of our dreams, we can plant more trees every year after getting our Christmas tree. I mean that is the rule of thumb, "cut down a tree and plant a new one." It is for the good of the world. I would love to be able to do that. So many goals in life...

I want to know! What are your holiday traditions? Do you have a real tree or not?

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