Bridal Shows are for Free Cake.

Since we have been engaged, we have attended several bridal shows. I am very disappointed with these shows so far. I have always heard of people winning things for there wedding right there on the spot. Today we went to biggest bridal show in Buffalo, NY and there was only one place that you could really win on the spot, but the only way to get the prize was to commit right then and there and put down a deposit.. that just is not realistic. We are putting a lot of time and money into this wedding, it would be irrational to make a decision like that, especially without my fiance present. (He was there because Bills made the playoffs!!!!)

It seems like every show we go to has less and less give aways on the spot. There is always a catch or you have to sign up for something in order to win. Help a sister out! We are planning this wedding with some direction, but when it comes to certain things, like the florist, or tuxes, the vendor that provides these doesnt matter to me. I actually have no idea what to do for my florist. Might even just do it outselves (Can you say STRESS?). Winning free things would send me in a different direction.

I have decided that the only reason to go to bridal shows is for all the free cake samples. At this past show we tried about 5 different cakes. There was more than that, but i couldn’t eat any more haha. I love all cake so I can’t even say that the cake samples helped us choose a cake flavor. They just made me very happy :) Made going to the show totally worth it.

We tried cheesecake samples (twice, hehe), a vanilla cake with a fruity frosting, a white cake with raspberry swirled throughout, a chocolate berry merlot cake (vom! it was the worst made cake, crunchy and dry), and a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. Kind of boring options. Best thing we ate was the cheesecake. Creamy, with berry swirl, and no crust! SO GOOD!

I can't wait to do our cake tasting :)))))

My question to all of you is what flavor cake did you or are going to have at your wedding?

So if you love cake, hit up every bridal show possible.

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