Downtown Buffalo Shoot

I have to say it is a very exciting thing when someone approaches you to ask if they can do a shoot with you. At first I was like "Wait! What? Is this for real??" Agreeing to this I feel helps people impel their creativity and it drives the vision they have. I'm all for helping people with their creative vision!

This was my first time shooting with KO’Brien Photography and it was an absolute blast. My favorite part of shoots however is the outcome. As awkward that I felt at times I feel these pictures came out great and showed a major part of my personality.

As we were in Downtown Buffalo, Kate’s vision captured some of the artsy and vintage parts of the city.

You never know what you can stumble upon on a side street in the city. These unique places are always where the best treasures are found.

We stumbled upon a vegan café where we indulged in vegan hot cocoa.

A very unique wood furnished bar was another thing we came upon.

It always amazes me the unique finds that you come across in the city, especially growing up in the country.

I was definitely a little nervous for this shoot. I have never needed to prepare or do my makeup for anything like this. I made a quick GRWM video, but have yet to edit it. However, I wanted to show y'all some of my favorite shots from the shoot and to show off the amazing work of Kate.

But my second outfit was my absolute favorite and the shots that Kate captured, I can't even believe its me! Saving my absolute favorites to last ;)

Overall I am absolutley floored by the quality and precision of Kate's photos. Make sure you go check out her facebook and instagram pages. linked below

Kate's Facebook

Kate's Instagram

I will hopeflly be doing more shoots with Kate in the future :) xoxo MacKenzie

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