October 20, 2018.

This is a day I will always remember. This is the day I married my soulmate. My best friend. The love of my life.

When you imagine your wedding day, you imagine so many things. What it feels like to walk down the eisle. What it feels like to see your partner for the first time that day. What it will feel like saying your vows. What it feels like to dance your first dance with your new husband/wife. What it will be like have two hundred people looking at you, watching you make the biggest commitment of your life. So many emotions and feelings happen on this special day, and no matter how much you imagine how it will feel, nothing is even close to the real thing.

Let me walk you through the day:

First thing is first.. sleeping the night before? Good joke. 1- I was in an unfamiliar place. 2- so much anxiety because the feelings of the next day were so unfamiliar and 3- HOLY SHIT I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!

You get through the night, tossing and turning in anticipation of the day ahead of you. Then you wake up in the morning and guess what?! you don’t even have to get ready. Throw on some clothes, put in your contacts and head out. Best thing ever!

(Oh! and dont forget to wear clothes you can easily get off around your wedding hair! I bought flannels for myself and all my girls. More on that in a later post. ;) )

So you head to the salon, maybe stop for Starbucks (of course we stopped for Starbucks! Have you seen my Instagram and my new addiction? If not click here.) Get to the salon and say hi to everyone. Doesn’t feel like anything different. You’re just hanging with your girls, who are all familiar people. Eat some breakfast, drink your coffee, snuggle your soon-to-be niece and just relax.

Next thing you know, you’ve done your makeup, your hair is done and you’re headed back to the hotel to get in the dress you picked out over a year ago.

The rest went so fast.. but I feel like I remember every second. The pictures, the moments… everything was surreal. Like I was floating on a cloud (except that part where I got nauseous in the limo. Ha ha. Something good to giggle at now).

Here are a few more moments that really stole the show :)

I was already trying to hold it together here. The entire time walking down the eisle, I was so overjoyed, I was holding back absolutely sobbing.

The ring exchange..

The walk back down the eisle! WOOHOO!!

Our first dance.. enough said.

Out of all the moments, if you know me at all, you know these next photos I was in my glory.

Let's not forget the amazing people that came to celebrate with us <3.

This day truly was a fairytale.

Thank you to everyone who sent and shared with me photos from the day of our wedding. Everyone always says those are the pictures you cherish the most. But I am also anxiously awaiting our wedding photos. This is just a tease.

If you liked this post, don't fret, there will be more wedding posts to come.

I would love some feedback from you. If you are married, what was your favorite part of your wedding day? If you aren't married yet, what is going through your mind about your wedding day to come?

As always, xoxo MacKenzie

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